Magic Mushrooms Effects

Here’s How Magic Mushrooms Affect Your Mind and Body

Recent researches and clinical studies have proven that doses of magic mushrooms can provide relaxation to the mind. Various studies suggest that the active compound in this drug – psilocybin is capable of relieving severe forms of depression and anxiety. However, as these shrooms are classified as illegal drugs, it becomes tough for researchers to interpret their effects exactly. Here are some of the ways magic mushrooms affect the body and brain of users.

They Cause Hallucination

Users tripping on shrooms report hearing colors and seeing sounds. A study supported this effect of the drug on communication networks in the brain. When injected, the drug showed increased activity in different regions of the brain which were otherwise rare.

They Can Help You Feel Better

Shrooms are known to induce feelings of relaxation like cannabis. They are hallucinogens that act on serotonin receptors to produce beneficial effects. Psychedelic mushrooms act on the part of the brain responsible for regulating analysis of thoughts and abstract thinking. They also play a vital role in altering behavior and perception.

It Works Like a Treatment for Mental Illness

Results from some clinical trials suggest that a dose of psilocybin can help treat anxiety and depression in people in their final phase of life. After few months, there was a reduction in the symptoms of these mental conditions.

Shrooms Also Helped Reduce Anxiety

A study observing the effects of the drug on patients suffering from cancer suggests that there was a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety.These effects were more powerful as compared to placebo or pills. Some users say the trip took them to an emotional journey where they could see forces bigger than themselves. Others report their anxieties, fears and insecurities became something they did not have to worry about.

Psychedilic Mushrooms Canada
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Hallucinogens also Help Ease Depression

Researchers have found that psilocybin induces changes in the activity patterns in the brains. Some of the parts of the brain become more active while others get muted. The part that plays a role in giving the sense of self also gets less active, thereby providing relief from depression and stress.

There are Some Negative Effects as Well

Some participants of the studies report extreme discomfort and anxiety that last for up to a few hours during the trip. The feeling of relief also varies in time and intensity for different people. Apart from this, increase in the level of serotonin can dilate the pupils. One of the most reported side effects of using psychedelic mushrooms is the feeling of slowing down of the time.

You Get a Strange Experience

Magic mushrooms can produce effects that appear to be real when they are not. Such out-of-the-body experiences are felt after about 30-90 minutes of taking the drug and last for about 12 hours. Effects vary on the basis of your personality, the dose, your mood and other factors.

You Get More Creative

Studies performed on volunteers suggest the drug makes people more creative-minded, open and find things beautiful. Upon following up with the participants, it was found that most of them had found the experience to be highly valuable. They scored higher on the test of imaginative power.